What is Liquid’s Age To Enter Policy?

We are ALWAYS 18+ To Enter & 21+ To Drink

When is Liquid Open?

We are ALWAYS open on both Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm – 2:30am. On selected Thursdays we will also be open, and that will be announced on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/LiquidMadison).

What’s your Dress Code?

We’re a music venue, not a dive bar, so Liquid has more of a club-style dress code. Our experience is that ladies ALWAYS seem to dress up for a night out with us, so guys – please make an effort to “Dress To Impress”. However, we do relax our dress code on most show (vs dance party nights) and that would be indicated on the specific Liquid Facebook event page for the show.

How can I contact someone re: Liquid?

Please EMAIL US (info@liquidmadison.com) for anything urgent. It’s FAR FASTER to get a response from us by email vs phone/ voicemail as we work on nightclub time vs normal human being time.

OMG. I lost my phone/ID/credit card. What do I do?

DO NOT CALL US.  Please email us a detailed description of what you lost ASAP, as we do Lost & Founds on Monday EARLY in the afternoon. That’s ideally when we’ll get back to you after we have had a chance to look for your item(s). We do NOT work on Sundays (our weekend) and no – we really can’t come in on our day off to help you look for your lost item.  The best time to PICK UP a lost item we have already informed you we have is on Monday afternoon between 2-4pm.

Is Liquid available to rent for private events?

Yes – we love groups! For groups of 50 or more, please use the form in our RENTALS section of the website. For groups smaller than 50 (bachelorette parties, birthdays, etc.) — please use the reservation form in our VIP section of the website.

Does anyone read these FAQ’s?

I have no idea.

Thanks, but none of these were my question!

OOPS! Sorry, just email us at info@liquidmadison.com!